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ProfielfotoJeroen Knol July 23, 2015
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Three universities, a research institute, a non-profit association and seven companies team up in this project. They are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The companies involved are a manufacturer of pulse power generators  and food companies which will be the end users of the developed technology and methods. The project started in May 2015, it lasts three years and thus three harvesting seasons. The results will be shared on this website and through our newsletter.

F.P.D. Srl is a young tomato processing company, started in 2008, aiming at high quality canned tomatoes products. Today F.P.D. transforms about 30,000 tons of tomatoes per year, among which 7,000 tons from biological farming and 1,500 tons DOP tomatoes.

Its strengths are the product and packaging flexibility, modern plants and methodology and the tendency to continuously improve its quality and production standards. F.P.D. obtained the main quality certifications, such as ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, KOSHER U, KOSHER K, Biological production, JAS, FDA Owing to the deep knowledge on tomato processing and production line in operation at F.P.D., the company is able to suggest the best possible layout of the processing plant were the PEF innovative technology can be introduced in order to get the desired results, and the suitable methods and tools to quantify both energy savings in the peeling stage and the increase of the content of bioactive compounds in finished products. The company is in contact with numerous customers in many different countries, some of which very sensitive to the issues related to the beneficial effects of bioactive compounds of foods on consumer’s health. This will be also very important to valorise the process innovation in terms of premium price paid by customers, since F.P.D. primarily works as subcontractor for different brands.



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