The Apple Farm

ProfielfotoJeroen Knol July 23, 2015
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Three universities, a research institute, a non-profit association and seven companies team up in this project. They are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The companies involved are a manufacturer of pulse power generators  and food companies which will be the end users of the developed technology and methods. The project started in May 2015, it lasts three years and thus three harvesting seasons. The results will be shared on this website and through our newsletter.

The Apple Farm was established in the 1960’s in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland. The farm and its associated company, Con Traas Ltd., grows a variety of fruits and produces a range of products on site from their produce including apple juice, cider and jams.

The apple juice and ciders are produced with the minimum amount of preservative addition in keeping with the natural philosophy of the company. The company takes a keen interest in technological development which can allow them to produce a stable product in a sustainable energy efficient manner. Therefore the use of a technology such as PEF which can help reduce energy costs associated with pressing and pasteurisation of the product fits closely with the objective of the project.



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