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Three universities, a research institute, a non-profit association and seven companies team up in this project. They are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The companies involved are a manufacturer of pulse power generators  and food companies which will be the end users of the developed technology and methods. The project started in May 2015, it lasts three years and thus three harvesting seasons. The results will be shared on this website and through our newsletter.

Agrinarsa is a company located in the northern Spain – Poligono La Corona Fuentes de Ebro (Zaragoza). The company has two industrial activities: production of dry plum and elaboration of olive oil.

Currently the company has 400 Ha of olives trees under highly intense plantation that are located in the producing area of the northern Spain having an ideal climate and terroir for obtaining high quality virgin olive oil. Olive threes belong to the native arbequina producing oils that are generally buttery, fruity, and very mild in flavor. The company has the most modern technology for olive oil extraction with a production capacity of 4000 Tn and a storage capacity of 800 Tn of oil. The company is working with the highest levels of safety and quality and it is constantly entering in new markets.

Agroindustria Aragonesa S.A. has participated in several research projects in collaboration with the group of the University of Zaragoza involved in the project. The company will supervise studies conducted at UNIZAR at pilot plant scale on improving extraction of olive oil by PEF, will contribute to the systematic process analysis for identify specific requirements for designing tailored PEF equipment for olive oil extraction and for adaptation/modification of the current processing steps and finally modular portable low-cost generator for oil extraction will be validated in the facilities of the company.



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