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Three universities, a research institute, a non-profit association and seven companies team up in this project. They are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The companies involved are a manufacturer of pulse power generators  and food companies which will be the end users of the developed technology and methods. The project started in May 2015, it lasts three years and thus three harvesting seasons. The results will be shared on this website and through our newsletter.

The European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST) is a non‐profit association, with 130 societies in most European countries affiliated to it. EFFoST has become a focus for European cooperation among food scientist, engineers, technologists and business in food and food‐related areas.

EFFoST is the European group of the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST), which in turn is a full member of the International Council for Science (ICSU), the scientific organization of the United Nations (UN).

EFFoST is Workpackage leader of WP7 (Dissemination and Exploitation). EFFoST has extensive experience in dissemination activities in EU funded projects. EFFoST has developed publications and organizes events on topical issues of industrial relevance. EFFoST will use it existing network of food science & technology professionals, particularly within the field of novel processing to promote the FieldFOOD project and to actively communicate the results from the piloting and demonstration trials. EFFoST will use all of the tools listed in WP7 (Dissemination and Exploitation) to ensure the transfer of knowledge generated under FieldFOOD to SME Food Producers.


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