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Three universities, a research institute, a non-profit association and seven companies team up in this project. They are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The companies involved are a manufacturer of pulse power generators  and food companies which will be the end users of the developed technology and methods. The project started in May 2015, it lasts three years and thus three harvesting seasons. The results will be shared on this website and through our newsletter.

ProdAl is a highly original institution, representing the first experience in Italy of link between public research institutions in the agri‐food field, and a unique big laboratory for research and development in the service of enterprises.

ProdAl – which has over 400 collaborators – makes the right conditions to create innovation from research owing to its qualified human capital and the ability to use knowledge to develop the southern Italian and Italian agro-food productive chain.

The skilled technical and scientific expertise of its researchers covers a wide range of areas (agriculture, animal breeding, engineering, food technology, biology, chemistry, economics, etc.), allowing to deal with various problems related to the characterization, treatment and processing of different plant and animal matrices, for the extraction and recovery of valuable compounds. ProdAl has a consolidated experience in applied research in collaboration with industrial partners and technology transfer management from research environment to industrial sites.


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