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Visit the FieldFOOD stand at the Anuga FoodTec!

ProfielfotoLinda Scholten February 20, 2018 1839 keer bekeken 0 comments

FieldFOOD will be demonstrating portable low-cost pulse equipment for plant-based products at the next Anuga FoodTec held in Cologne, Germany from 20-23 March 2018. Come visit us at stand no. E060 in the Science Pavilion in Hall 4.2.

FieldFOOD is a EU-funded project that has developed ‘Pulsed Electric Field’ (PEF) equipment that can be easily integrated in existing food production lines. This portable PEF-equipment consists of a treatment chamber and separate generator. PEF-technology is an innovative food processing technology that improves the freshness, texture and nutritional value of food products. The FieldFOOD project conducted a number of product cases on plant-based foods, namely on olive oil, tomatoes, fruit juices, wine and apple cider. 


At the stand, you can see the PEF equipment in operation! Tomatoes will undergo PEF-treatment, allowing you to see that less time and effort is required to separate the skin from the fruit. Potatoes, carrots, beetroots and grapes will also be treated with PEF-technology . You can taste how PEF-treatment can produce fruity red wines in a shorter time and see the clarity of the tasty olive oil.  Our engineers will be available at the stand to discuss the opportunities for your production line.


PEF-technology allows your food and drink products to look and taste fresh and healthy, with other benefits including:

• Reduced time to process raw produce

• Reduced water and energy consumption

• Increased nutritional value

• Extended shelf-life

• New product development opportunities


If you are interested in PEF-technology, come to the FieldFOOD stand to find out how it can benefit your business!

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