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A Taste of FieldFOOD Science

ProfielfotoJeroen Knol May 30, 2018 1947 keer bekeken 0 comments

The 3-year EU-funded project FieldFOOD is now complete and the results are in! The main findings have been highlighted in four short articles published in the SME-targeted online magazine, Taste of Science.

FieldFOOD focussed on the integration of modular, portable, low-cost pulse electric field (PEF) generators in existing food processing lines. The technology was demonstrated on an industrial scale, as a pre-treatment prior to steam peeling of tomatoes, fruit juicing, grape maceration in winemaking and olive malaxation in oil production. Each Taste of Science article focusses on one of these processes, outlining how the technology was implemented and the benefits that were observed.

In the case of steam peeling tomatoes, PEF pre-treatment reduces peeling loss, improves product quality and increases the overall process efficiency through reduced water and energy consumption. For fruit juices, PEF pre-treatment enhances juice extraction yields but also inactivates microbial organisms at lower temperatures while retaining the taste and nutrients. The application of PEF prior to the maceration of grapes improves the extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins, resulting in a fruiter wine with a deep red colour. Similarly, PEF treatment prior to the olive malaxation process maximises the extraction of extra virgin olive oil without compromising on the polyphenol content. (Add links to individual articles?)

Articles published in Taste of Science are easy-to-read with a focus on food innovation. The target audience is SMEs, which make up more than 99% of European food and drink companies. These short yet accessible articles allow for more efficient knowledge transfer to key players, leading to greater uptake of innovation by the food industry. 

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