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A successful Anuga FoodTec for FieldFOOD

ProfielfotoJeroen Knol March 27, 2018 1876 keer bekeken 0 comments

Anuga FoodTec was a very successful event for FieldFOOD, allowing the project partners to get together once more to speak about how the low-cost, flexible and portable Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology developed within the project can be easy implemented into existing processing lines.

The specifications of the PEF units make this technology more available for small and medium-sized enterprises, and food professionals from all over the world were very interested in testing the equipment in their own factories. Marcos Pereira and Duarte Rego, our project partners from Energy Pulse Systems addressed the questions from the visitors to our stand and demonstrated this mild processing technology. Visitors to the stand were also able to try red wine and olive oil prepared from PEF-treated Garnacha grapes and Arbequina olives. The increased extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins from the grapes after PEF treatment gives the wine a much fruiter flavour and richer colour. PEF-treated olive also enhances the flavour and quality of the olive oil, having benefited from a reduced malaxation time.

The FieldFOOD stand was located in the Science Pavilion. This special section of Anuga was dedicated to universities, associations, and EU-projects focused on enhancing the application of scientific development in food industry. The Science Pavilion was the focal point of Science Day on Thursday 22 March, where recent developments in food science and technology were presented, including the outcomes of the FieldFOOD project as presented by the project coordinator Professor Javier Raso. FieldFOOD also had the opportunity to present their project results to a wider audience at the Speakers' Corners on Friday 23 March. Professor Giovanna Ferrari spoke about the advantages of PEF-technology specifically for the processing of tomatoes.

All sectors of the food and beverage industry were present at the Anuga FoodTec that is held very 3 years. This year, 1,479 exhibitors on 127.000 m2 exhibition space attracted approximately 46,000 visitors.

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