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FieldFOOD juicing it up on Euronews

ProfielfotoJeroen Knol February 25, 2018 1476 keer bekeken 0 comments

The 3- year EU project FieldFOOD has come to an end and media outlets are eager to share the results. Futuris, a Euronews programme that covers the leading scientific and technological research projects in Europe, reported on the FieldFOOD results.

They visited The Apple Farm in Cahir, Ireland, who had tested the portable, low cost PEF-technology in their apple cider and juice production line. They found that PEF can enhance juice extraction yield and increase shelf life through microbial inactivation. Euronews also visited the University of Zaragoza, where the PEF processes are being developed. The researchers at UNIZAR found that in wine-making, PEF-technology shortens the maceration time and enhances the extraction of the polyphenols and anthocyanins, resulting fruiter flavoured wines that are deeper in colour. 

The FieldFOOD project focused on developing equipment that is less expensive, to make the technology more accessible to food processing companies of all sizes. Professor Javier Raso from UNIZAR explains that there are also environment benefits, through reduced water and engery use, as well as benefits for consumers by having food products with improved sensory properties and increased nutritional value. 

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